Business model renewal, creativity, strategy, futurism and product management.
Strategic Market-Based Planning (PDF)
Designing & Managing Marketing Research Projects (PDF)
Marketing Management: Guiding the Market-Focused Oranization (PDF)
Connecting with Customers
B2B and Considered-Purchase Marketing
Branding survey highlights
Succession Planning Your Brand
Build a Pricing Toolkit (PDF)
Pricing and price-volume change formula (PDF)
Opportunity audit questions
Marketing Your Station (PDF)



Marketing is an extremely multifaceted discipline, and marketers can be extremely multi-skilled individuals. They may be specialists in pricing, marketing communications, product support, channel management, and other functions – or they may be generalists responsible for all of them. Therefore they usually show interest in a variety of topics, “snacking” on many of them.  Here are a few “bite-sized” nuggets for marketers.  CLICK ON THE BUTTONS IN THE LEFT COLUMN TO ACCESS ARTICLES OR DOWNLOAD PDFs.

 “Pricing and Price-Volume Change Formula” is an excerpt from a chapter of my Product Manager’s Handbook that contains the break-even change formula to help managers quickly estimate product volume changes to accompany a price change.

"Learn Before You Burn" is a guest article contributed by Seena Sharp of Sharp Market Intelligence.

The Opportunity Audit questions are thought-starters to use in a marketing audit.

Strategic Market-Based Planning was a 3-day public workshop for managers offered for many years through what is now UW-Madison’s Center for Professional and Executive Development (CPED). I’ve updated and supplied the presentation materials I used in teaching that course. Given the size of the files I disabled the automatic download function. However, feel free to download and save them.

Designing and Managing Marketing Research Projects provides a step-by-step guide in a PowerPoint format.

Marketing Management:Guiding the Maret-Focused Organization is the more tactical counterpart (relatively speaking) to Strategic Market-Based Planning.


Marketing Your Station is a PDF of materials (with embedded links) from a one-day workshop for personnel from local radio and TV stations.

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