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Product Manager's Handbook slide deck (175-slide pdf)
Product Manager Imperatives, May 2015 (PDF)
Aptitudes of an Energized Product Manager (Slide presentation of major aptitudes)
Product Manager Aptitude Quiz (PDF download)
Survival Tips for Product Managers (PDF)
A turning point in your career
Upstream product management
4 Common Mistakes of Product Managers
3 C Framework
Product lifecycle management
Don't sell to prospects - help them make buying decisons
Product Scorecard (PDF)
Product Managers

Product managers exist in virtually all industries from consumer packaged goods (such as grocery or retail products) to industrial products (such as equipment and components) to services (such as healthcare and financial offerings). Some product managers emerge from specialized MBA programs (such as the one at the Center for Brand and Product Management in the Wisconsin School of Business), but most product managers transition to the role from positions in engineering, nursing, computer programming and other disciplines. Not surprisingly there are both similarities and differences in the jobs of these varied product managers. CLICK ON THE BUTTONS IN THE LEFT COLUMN to access articles or to download presentations that may highlight specific concepts in product management. Given the size of the files, I have disabled the automatic downloads. But you can easily download and save the files.

The Product Manager’s Handbook slide deck provides the visuals from the publication (plus more) for those individuals using the book in company training.


Product Manager Imperatives comprises the presentation materials I used in teaching the May 2015 (final) open enrollment product management course at the Center for Professional and Executive Development at UW-Madison. It contains hyperlinks to the videos and “nuggets” I used to demonstrate key principles.


Aptitudes of an Energized Product Manager slide presentation highlights common product manager aptitudes.

Survival Tips for Product Managers is a PowerPoint file from a keynote speech to product managers.


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