Business model renewal, creativity, strategy, futurism and product management.
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Welcome to my test kitchen!  Sample the articles, PowerPoint presentations and snack-sized information on business models, innovation, strategy, futurism trends and product management throughout the site.  Most of the material has come from management and corporate training I conducted while on the staff of the Center for Professional and Executive Development (an outreach unit of UW-Madison's School of Business) as well as my own writing, consulting and publishing. Since some of the UW courses are no longer being conducted, I wanted to be sure you could take advantage of the presentation material that was used as a foundation for the content. 
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NEW!   2017 Product Management ShortRead Series.
 Short "bite-sized" books (each about 100 pages) on select topics.

       Book One: Product Management 101                      covers the andscape. Learn the three core principles of product management as well as competencies required for the job.

       Book Two: Product Strategy & Roadmaps           challenges you to go beyond templates to really think about your growth arenas, platforms and roadmaps. It's not about product development. It's about the strategy that precedes product development.

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