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Following is a list of the books I have authored.  All are available through

The Product Management ShortRead Series is a growing list of "bite-sized" books (about 100 pages) meant to be read and absorbed quickly. The first two are already available, with four more scheduled for 2017.

Product Management 101
2017 (Book One of the Product Management ShortRead Series.)

By Linda Gorchels


Linda Gorchels, Product Management ShortRead Series, Product Management 101Product Management 101 introduces non-software product managers to the roles, competencies and challenges of product management.

Learn the three core principles of product management, the three common metaphors, and the systematic pitfalls.

Gain tips on firefighting and improving competencies.

And don’t skip the last chapter. It contains self-reflection questions along with recommended resources to improve your skills.

Click on the cover of the book to sample it right here.

Product Strategy & Roadmaps
2017 (Book Two of the Product Management ShortRead Series)

By Linda Gorchels
Linda Gorchels, Product Strategy & Roadmaps, Product Management ShortRead Series

Product Strategy & Roadmaps takes you on a tour of mental processes that precede new product development. Learn how to develop a portfolio of sustaining, transformative and disruptive growth options. Evaluate the pros and cons of product platforms. Challenge your ideation approaches. Adapt learnings from Lego, 3M, Gore-Tex and Motorola

The book contains numerous self-reflection questions and provides a host of suggested resources in case you want to dive deeper on specific topics.

Click on the cover of the book to sample it right here.

Product Manager’s Handbook
, 4e


By Linda Gorchels

 Linda Gorchels, Product Manager's Handbook
The Product Manager’s Handbook  provides vital how-to advice for product managers from commercial, consumer, industrial and service sector fields.  If your job is to create and commercialize new products, it provides the information you need to:

·         Balance breakthroughs and line extensions

·         Create business cases—including competitive assessment, market requirements, and risk reduction

·        Conduct gate reviews and beta testing and manage scope creep

·         Get everything in order for a smooth product launch

For those who manage existing lines, this guide provides:

·         Specific tips for each of the 4Rs of product life-cycle management

·         Brand guidelines

·         Approaches to customer message management

·         Advice on working with sales and the channel

Check out the review on the Product Bookshelf, complete with a special superhero picture!

The Product Manager’s Field Guide

By Linda Gorchels


Today's best product managers must have the skills, vision, and flexibility of a start-up entrepreneur--even when they work for a Fortune 100 company! The Product Manager's Field Guide is a step-by-step action guide for beginning product managers learning and developing those skills and building a product management career that is productive, profitable, and professionally rewarding.



The Manager’s Guide to Distribution Channels

By Linda Gorchels, Edward Marien and Chuck West

Linda Gorchels, Manager's Guide to Distribution Channels 
The Manager's Guide to Distribution Channels is your bottom-line guide to ensuring that your firm successfully tailors its channel strategy and management to the realities of the channel and needs of the marketplace. A step-by-step handbook to formulating your channel structure, strategy, and relationship management so that it is both market-driven and results-oriented. NOTE: This book is now only available in digital format.

By Linda Gorchels
Linda Gorchels, Business Model Renewal

The end of business as we know it has been forecast many times. And many theories have indeed become obsolete. But companies continue to succeed and fail, innovate and degenerate, grow and decline. Is there a “secret” to success? Is it the business model … or the strategy … or the leadership … or the knowledge … or being at the right place at the right time?  This book looks at the role of business models, combined with leadership, decision making and organizational culture.


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